Vision Mission

Vision Mission

The college strongly believes in empowering women and this is achieved through need basis, futuristic courses with entrepreneurial skills. These courses prepare the women for the self-employment in this competitive world. This vision and mission of the college is reflected in the curriculum which aims at preparing women for job market, their own business and for their role as home makers.


· S.G.G. Janta Girls College aspires to have a transformational impact on students through comprehensive education by inculcating qualities of competence, confidence and excellence.

 · Becoming more aware of the institution as well as individual needs and thus working with institution innovation and insight.

 · Moving beyond the target standard limits, through planning and efforts.


· To facilitate young adult learners with opportunities to hone their ethics and leadership potential.

 · To sensitize learner towards inclusive social corners, human rights, gender, corruption, social evils and  environmental issues.

 · To promote and divide Indian tradition and Vedic culture through learned discourses and awareness rising programmes.

· To enlighten and to excel so that the entire learners are able to assume positive and fulfilling roles in nation building.